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  • E271 Swarovski Crystal Earring

    E271 Swarovski Crystal Earring by Windsor Jewellery

    This is a beautiful handmade Swarovski tear drop crystal piece and a very popular earrings. Displayed are a select few of the Swarovski colours but please contact our store for availability. All our earrings come sizeable, quality display box.

    Available in three finish colours; Silver, Pale Gold and Pale Rose Gold with choice of colour of crystal.

    RRP $74.95

  • WV4384 Reina Floral Lace Vine

    WV4384 Reina Floral Lace Vine by Windsor Jewellery

    Reina is a handmade extravagant, sparkling statement tri-coloured vine, featuring various metal and lace leaves alongside gleaming crystal and pearl detailing. Reina’s design is intricate and regal as the floral clusters adorn the head at three main points, a beautiful look that will match many bridal hairstyles. Reina is fitted with two strong clips on both ends for a secure and comfortable wear all day long.

    Available in Gold/Silver/Rose Gold combination only.

    RRP $395.00

  • WV2166 Carmella Twin Vine

    WV2166 Carmella Twin Vine by Windsor Jewellery

    A double row version of the Carmella Vine – the Carmella Twin Vine is a beautiful combination of two entwined strands of crystals and pearls.  This is a lovely soft vine of great beauty.

    Available in Pale Rose Gold, Silver & Gold, Silver & Rose Gold, White on Silver and Pale Gold.

    RRP $245.00

  • WV215 Magnolia Floral Vine

    WV215 Magnolia Floral Vine by Windsor Jewellery

    A beautifully delicate vine, Magnolia is a dainty flexible vine full of gentle pearl sprigs and small metal leaves. Magnolia is flexible yet sturdy, perfect for winding through or around hairstyles.

    Available in both Silver and Rose Gold.

    RRP $125.00

  • WV211 Long Floral Vine

    WV211 Long Floral Vine by Windsor Jewellery

    A very beautiful detailed vine full of tiny leaves, ceramic flowers, seed pearls and a few small crystals. This design is made longer for a more whimsical look and to suit most hairstyles.

    Available in Bright Silver

    RRP $145.00

  • WV209 Double Strand Vine

    WV209 Double Strand Vine by Windsor Jewellery

    A delicate double-strand vine in Bright Silver with pearl flowers and small pearls. Flexible to be able to use on either hair-up or down styles.

    Available in Bright Silver.

    RRP $80.00

  • WV207 Porcelain Floral Vine

    WV207 Porcelain Floral Vine by Windsor Jewellery

    A simply elegant vine of porcelain flowers adorned with crystals on a super soft silver flexible wire.

    Available in Silver and White

    RP $149.95

  • WV1006 Diamante Floral Vine

    WV1006 Diamante Floral Vine by Windsor Jewellery

    A striking vine of a twin weave crystal strands with unique motifs of flowers and leaves. Very light and flexible with strong clip fittings. Its a delicate and beautiful piece very much on trend.

    Available in Silver or Pale Gold

    RRP $195.

  • WH727 Genevieve Double Headband

    WH727 Genevieve Double Headband by Windsor Jewellery

    An elegant double-row crystal headband, Genevieve is a dainty yet glamorous piece that will brighten any bridal look with it’s simplistic elegance. The frame is light and bendable allowing Genevieve to mould to the shape of your head for a comfortable fit.

    Available in Bright Silver.

    RRP $97.50

  • WH688 Anita Floral Crown

    WH688 Anita Floral Crown by Windsor Jewellery

    With glistening sprigs of crystal, Anita adorns your head with classical elegance. The leaves and crystal design is an elegant crown to pair with an any hairstyle. The Anita crown metal frame is bendable, allowing the crown to be easily shaped to your head, with no tight pressure when wearing. Its so light you will hardly feel it. Anita has the sort of minimal elegance that a modern bride embraces.

    Available in Soft Rose Gold or Soft Silver

    RP $205.00

  • WH5332 Maeve Floral Headband

    WH5332 Maeve Floral Headband by Windsor Jewellery

    Maeve is a wide headband of soft pearlescent flower leaves and pearls with tiny touches of crystal. Totally soft and flexible so no chance of headaches, its the perfect modern wide headband to complete your look. All parts are silver or gold overlaid with a pearly white finish.

    Available in White on Silver and White on Gold.

    RP $285.00

  • WH518 Elodie Floral Headband

    WH518 Elodie Floral Headband by Windsor Jewellery

    A floral band of delicate flowers, Elodie is the perfect dainty headband. The varying flower components mimic the look of real fresh flowers, glistening in the light with a soft pearlescent finishing.

    Available in both White on Silver and White on Gold.

    RP $167.75

  • WF2892 Diamante Vine

    WF2892 Diamante Vine by Windsor Jewellery

    This is a very stunning vine in a darker silver colour called Rhodium. Its very soft and flexible and made to go most of the way round the head. Incredibly luxurious in a vintage setting of crystals.

    Available in Rhodium only.

    RP $440.00

  • WH482 Diamante Crown

    WH482 Diamante Crown by Windsor Jewellery

    A double layer crown totally encrusted in tiny crystals. The rhodium finish is a vintage touch making this a very elegant and expensive looking crown.

    Available in silver only.

    RP $440.00

  • WH3932 Floral Headband

    WH3932 Floral Headband

    A very charming band of flowers and leaves with a very few tiny crystals.  The colours are soft and overlaid with a thin white effect and bright silver with imitation pearls.  Very lovely and popular new crown style

    Available in Pale Gold. Rose Gold and Bright Silver.

    RP $275.00

  • WP123 Floral Pearl Hairpin

    WP123 Floral Pearl Hairpin by Windsor Jewellery

    This is a fabulous hairpin made of flowers with a pale white sheen. There are no crystals just small pearls and these will exactly match with several other pieces. This could allow bridesmaids to all match with a Bride wearing a crown in the same look such as WF360 or one of the other side combs. A very beautiful versatile hair pin about 5cm in width.

    Available in Soft Silver, Pale Gold and Pale Rose gold.

    RP $55.00

  • WF545 Adaline Metal Floral Clip

    WF545 Adaline Metal Floral Clip by Windsor Jewellery

    Adaline is a dainty and elegant sidepiece with clusters of delicate metal flowers, leaves and beautiful pearl sprigs spread across the flexible metal base.  Each complete with a soft white-pearlescent finishing for a gentle floral effect. A perfect sidepiece that will compliment any bride and bridal style. Adaline includes a clip on the backside for an easy and comfortable wear.

    Perfectly matched with the Aurelia earrings WE250.

    Available in three colours, White on Silver, White on Gold and White on Rose Gold.

    RP $129.00

  • WF521 Crystal Art Deco Comb

    WF521 Crystal Art Deco Comb by Windsor Jewellery

    This small metal side comb features art deco inspired leaves which are bound by wire to a strong clip making it easy to put on and keeping it secure.

    Available Bright Silver or Pale Gold

    RP $64.95