Shoe Dyeing

Shoe Dyeing

Shoe Dyeing

Dyeing wedding shoes both pre and post wedding is a popular choice for many brides.

Those that venture into this shoe dyeing world, are usually in for a pleasant surprise – It’s not scary, you can get fantastic results, and best of all your shoes can be matched to the colour of your choice.

However, there are some important things you need to be aware of when dying shoes whether it be for yourself, bridesmaids or the mother of the bride/groom, as it is not always plain sailing.

Beware of the do it yourself kits and YouTube demonstrations. We’ve heard far too many horror stories to even contemplate going down this track.

The key is to talk to us first. We use a reputable shoe dyeing company, and can advise you on what to expect from the shoe dying process. Bring in a fabric sample or colour swatch and we’ll let you know if the shoes you have, or are choosing, are suitable.

If dyeing shoes is part of your plan, not all shoes can be dyed to all colours. Common problems that are encountered involve colour matching, especially to the Champagne/Taupe colour spectrum. Also, only certain materials can be dyed. You are usually safe with silk or satin shoes, but if your shoes have a lot of detail, crystals, lace or ribbons, it’s advisable to seek our advice before purchasing.

“Dyeing your wedding shoes is a very intricate process. After 13 yrs in the business we have certainly learned the tricks of the trade and will always involve the bride, discussing with her how close we can match the desired colour and what we need to do to get it there”.

At the end of the day, deciding to dye a pair of wedding shoes does require you to invest a little time and effort into research, to ensure you can achieve your desired goal. But there seems to be an overwhelming thumbs up from those who have ‘gone there’ and seen the end result of the shoes working so well on the big day.